How do I correctly cite a source?

How do I correctly cite a source?

For the information you usually need the first name and surname of the author, the title of the work, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the page. The source of a book according to the German citation method looks like this: first name, surname, title of the work. Place: Publisher year, page.

Do quotes have copyright?

The quote must serve a purpose. Quotations are only permitted under copyright law if they have a function and, for example, serve as an explanation in scientific work. The following principle applies not only in terms of content, but also legally: “A quote never stands alone.

Are movie quotes protected by copyright?

Basically: Use of quotations only with the consent of the author. Copyright protects intellectual and artistic achievements such as paintings, sculptures, theatrical productions, photographs and texts. However, not every work is protected by copyright. But as soon as in a text or

What is copyrighted?

The protection of copyright is standardized in the Copyright Act (UrhG), which stipulates that works of language, works of music, pantomime works, works of dance art, works of fine arts, photographic works, film works, as well as representations of a scientific or technical nature are protected by copyright …

What does copyrighted mean?

What is copyright It protects the intellectual property of the author in his creation. This protection, unlike other intellectual property rights, applies from the completion of the work. The author can only grant rights of use to third parties. Protection does not end with the death of the author.

Are general terms and conditions protected by copyright?

Although copyright does not protect the legal content of general terms and conditions, it does protect their individual design. This means the selection of the individual clauses, their arrangement and wording. This means that the more individually the terms and conditions are designed, the more likely they are protected.

Can I just copy the general terms and conditions?

At first glance, hiring a lawyer to draw up general terms and conditions only seems to be associated with costs, since the general terms and conditions of competitors can be found on the Internet and are easy to copy. But is it allowed? The answer is clearly no!

Who can write terms and conditions?

As an alternative to using general terms and conditions templates, you can also have a lawyer draw up your general terms and conditions. Legally you are on the safe side, because the law on general terms and conditions is not very simple and mistakes can not only lead to invalid clauses, but also to warnings.

How much does it cost to have general terms and conditions drawn up?

Costs of creating general terms and conditions The creation of individual legal general terms and conditions and the individual advice that is always necessary here on the content and the effective integration are usually hardly possible for less than 650.00 euros plus VAT. Installment payments are possible for start-ups.

Are general terms and conditions mandatory?

There is no legal obligation for companies to have general terms and conditions in Germany. However, as an entrepreneur you are subject to the information obligation according to § 312d BGB. Since the information obligations are not contractual terms, you do not necessarily have to include them in your general terms and conditions.

What is included in the terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions (AGB, §305 BGB) are – if available – part of the contracts that you conclude. The terms and conditions explain how your shop works: You can formulate payment terms, shipping costs, exchange, rights of use, etc. in them. The terms and conditions thus serve as information for the contractual partner.

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