How do I create a good LinkedIn profile?

How do I create a good LinkedIn profile?

Tips for creating a good LinkedIn profile: Add a professional-looking profile photo. Come up with a catchy profile slogan. Write a summary. Include any relevant work experience and your education. Add relevant skills.More entries…

How do you create a good XING profile?

Create a Xing profile – this is how it worksCall up the XING homepage.Fill in the fields for your first name, last name and email address and enter a password in the input mask.Check your mailbox from the email e-mail address you entered and click on the e-mail from XING.

Should you have a LinkedIn profile?

The three experts agree on one thing: a complete CV and a professional photo are particularly important when appearing on Xing or LinkedIn. As Michael Heister knows from his own experience, many HR managers also look at the digital appearances of their applicants.

Should you have a XING profile?

A Xing profile is one of the basic ingredients for your job search and career. It is a very important tool for finding and being found, especially in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. If you are traveling internationally right from the start, you should also get a LinkedIn profile.

What should you state on XING?

Optimizing your Xing profile: A virtual business card for applicants A clear application strategy Clearly formulated core topics A specific presentation of your future position A selection of potential employers Keywords relevant to your position and job search.

How can I best be found on XING?

Tips: How recruiters find youCreate a detailed profile. As already mentioned, everything depends on their profile. Indicate that you are open to job offers. As banal as it sounds: Most Xing members simply forget this point. Read job offers on Xing.

How do I enter my XING profile in my CV?

At or you can quickly and easily create a personal CV using the content of your XING profile and download it as a PDF. To do this, simply click on the Transfer data button on / and then on From the XING profile.

What does Xing pro Jobs bring?

Access to headhunters via XING ProJobs gives the user exclusive access to jobs with an annual salary of at least EUR 50,000 that are advertised by headhunters exclusively for XING ProJobs users.

What is Xing pro Jobs?

With XING ProJobs you get exclusive access to top job offers from headhunters with an annual salary of over €50,000. These jobs are only displayed to ProJobs members.

What does XING cost?

With the premium membership, which is subject to a fee, you can unlock additional functions for your personal XING profile. In 2020, this will cost between €11.95 / CHF 16.95 and €9.95 / CHF 12.95, depending on the length of the contract – you can choose 3 or 12 months.

Is Xing free?

We offer both a free XING basic membership and different terms for the XING premium membership.

How much does XING Premium cost per year?

XING Premium membership for a personal account now costs just under €11.95 (3-month subscription) or €9.95 (annual subscription) per month.

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