How do I have to align my satellite dish?

How do I have to align my satellite dish?

In Germany, satellite dishes are oriented towards the south. There should be no house, tree or even a bush in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely clear for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

Can I keep watching TV with a satellite dish?

In contrast to antenna television (DVB-T), you can receive channels in HD quality via the dish. Public channels such as ARD are even unencrypted, for the private channels you need the Pay-TV package HD+ (just under 60 euros a year).

What does SAT reception require?

Satellite television, radio programs, in particular television programs, are transmitted to the receivers via satellites. To receive satellite broadcasting, a parabolic antenna with LNB (low-noise signal converter) and a satellite broadcasting receiver (receiver) are usually required.

What do you need for satellite TV?

The essential components of a satellite systemA satellite antenna.An LNB (low noise block more on this below)Antenna cable.Receiver.And of course a display device, usually a TV.

Which cable do I need for satellite TV?

For a satellite system is eigl. the coax cable is the right one, i.e. the one with the internal thread. The second cable is a normal antenna cable.

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