How do I know if I am suitable for medicine?

How do I know if I am suitable for medicine?

The Austrian medical admission test MedAT is not an aptitude test for the medical profession, but a study aptitude test: It tells you how likely it is that you will successfully complete your medical studies within a reasonable period of time.

How many hours study exam preparation?

Exams: pure learning time Monday to Friday 7 hours, the last 9 months before the exam usually written an exam on Saturday. Consistently free on Sundays, except for the last two Sundays before the exam.

What is tested in the physics department?

What is checked? Physiology, physics, biochemistry and chemistry are examined on the first day of the written part of the Physics course. The subjects anatomy, biology and medical psychology and sociology follow on the second day.

How is the Physics structured?

The Physics – Horror or not so bad? First one, then two, then three, then four and then the “Physikum” is just around the corner. The first state examination, also known as the Physics, consists of a written and an oral part.

How does the Physics work?

WRITTEN PHYSICS. The written physical examination is completed over two days, on each of which 160 questions have to be ticked. The first day is all about biochemistry and physiology, day two is about anatomy and PsychSoz.

Why is it called Physics?

Origin: colloquial, Germanized short form of neo-Latin: tentamen physicum Examination in the natural sciences. [1–3] β€œIt is said that because he was constantly ill and therefore had trouble concentrating, he failed the physical exams and later exams.

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