How do I label an envelope with a window?

How do I label an envelope with a window?

Letters with a window are labeled as follows: You can write the sender on the letterhead in the upper left corner so that after folding in the window you can see it in the lower left corner of the envelope. You label large letters in A4 format just like smaller envelopes in landscape format.

How do I label a4 envelope?

The top right corner of the A4 envelope is reserved for the postage stamp. If you would like to add the details of the sender to the large letter, you can do so in the top left corner – i.e. opposite the postage stamp.

What can I do if I do not receive a shipment?

Shipments of goods are always processed after the “normal” post and can take up to a week. As a seller, you have to prove that you have sent the goods. You can not. Therefore, you will have to return the buyer’s amount paid to him.

Where can I send registered mail?

Items franked with INTERNETMARKE can be posted at all Deutsche Post acceptance points, e.g. in letterboxes and branches. National and international registered mail can be posted in the branch or in any Deutsche Post mailbox.

Can you hand over the consignment to a packing station?

As with parcels, it is also possible for large-format letters (large letters, maxi letters, book shipments, goods shipments) to have them sent directly to a nearby packing station at no extra charge. This must be stated directly during the ordering process or with the sender.

Where do I enter the packing station?

To enter the Packstation address correctly, proceed as follows: Enter your first and last name. Enter the post number – you will find this on the Packstation Card. Enter your Packstation in the Street field. House number is the number of the desired Packstation. As postcode and place of residence you also enter the Packstation data.

Which shipments to Packstation?

Only parcels, small parcels, large letters, maxi letters, books and consignments of goods with a minimum size of 15 cm × 11 cm × 1 cm and a maximum size of 75 cm × 60 cm × 40 cm can be sent to Packstations have to be received.

What happens if the package does not fit in the packing station?

On the one hand, shipments are diverted to post offices if they are unsuitable for Packstation, e.g. too large or too bulky. On the other hand, it can happen that shipments are diverted to post offices if the selected packing station is fully occupied or defective.

How does it work with the Packstation?

The advantage of a Packstation is undoubtedly that you can pick up your parcels regardless of opening times. Your Packstation is available to you around the clock every day. As soon as parcels have arrived, you will be informed via SMS, push notification or email and you will receive an mTAN at the same time.

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