How do I make an attachment in Word?

How do I make an attachment in Word?

Insert a documentClick or tap where you want to paste the contents of the existing document. Go to Paste and select the arrow next to Object. Select text from file. Locate and double-click the file you want. More entries…

How can I insert a PDF document into a Word document?

Add a PDF to an Office fileClick Insert, and then in the Text group click Object. Click Create from File > Browse. Navigate to the PDF file you want to insert and then click Open. Click OK.

How do you make a table of figures?

Click in the document where you want to insert the table of figures. This can be right after the table of contents or after the bibliography. Select “References” from the menu at the top. Under “References” you can “Insert table of figures”.

How do I recognize copyright?

The copyright applies generally, and it can be released by the author. You can recognize him/her if you look in the Google column on the right, or if you go directly to his HP; there is regularly expressly mentioned again the copyright.

How do you write the copyright?

The term copyright comes from the Anglo-Saxon and is derived from the word “copy”, which means something like copying. Copyright can therefore be understood as the right to copy. However, the person who holds the right does not have to be the creator of the work at the same time.

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