How do I open a restaurant?How do I open a restaurant?

How do I open a restaurant?

To open a restaurant, you first need a trade license from the Trade Licensing Office. In addition to the business registration, a restaurant permit is required (also called a restaurant license or simply a license) if you want to offer guests alcoholic beverages in addition to food.

What counts as a restaurant?

A restaurant, also inn, inn, tavern, inn, economy, pub or tavern, is a business in the hospitality industry in which drinks or food are sold for immediate consumption and which offers a place to stay.

How much money does it take to open a restaurant?

In order for you to be able to open your own restaurant, you must first apply for a business registration at the responsible trade office. Understandably, there are administration fees for this. Depending on the city, these can be up to 40 euros.

How big does a restaurant have to be?

1. Sizes for the kitchen planning of a restaurant. The minimum size of a kitchen with a capacity of up to 50 people should be at least 20 square meters, including the washing area. For greater receptivity, 0.5 square meters (5 square feet negli USA) will be charged per seat.

How many toilets does a restaurant need?

How many toilets are planned for a restaurant? Until further notice, a flushing toilet must be provided for gastronomic operations under 50 m². With up to 150 m², two women’s and one men’s toilet must already be available.

How much space do you need at the table?

How much space do you need per person? A space requirement of 40 cm deep and 60 cm wide is calculated for each person at the table.

How many square meters for 50 people?

At a glance: Your party tent pavilion is suitable for this number of people

How big does a dining table for 6 people have to be?

240 x 100 cm (table for approx. 6 to 8 people)

How much space does a dining table and chairs need?

A good rule of thumb is that there should be at least two additional guests at the table. So that your family and guests can sit comfortably, you should allow for a table width of around 45 cm per chair and a distance of around 20 cm between the chairs.

How much space for chair between wall and table?

Calculate at least 1 m or 1.20 m of free space on each side where chairs are placed. So you can still walk past a seated person. It is best to leave a space of approx. 80 cm (or more) to the wall so that the paths around the entire table are free.

How much space does a corner seat need?

Bank secret no. So she must be the right distance from the table from the start so that sitting and taking a seat is comfortable. The rule of thumb here is 5 to 10 cm between the front edge of the bench and the edge of the table. This rule applies to both straight benches and corner benches.

How much space around the dining table?

This results in the following calculation: table length + 2 x chair depth + 2 x 30 cm for the length of the floor space and table width + 2 x chair depth + 2 x 30 cm for the width of the floor space. In short, there should be a distance of about 80 cm to 90 cm between the dining table and a wall or adjacent furniture.

How big does a dining room have to be?

5 sqm is the minimum, more is better. With the living-dining room with open kitchen, which is often kept open today, you should expect 30 to 40 square meters of living space. If the areas are structurally separated, it is advisable to add 7 to 12 square meters. A kitchen should have at least 10 square meters – whether insulated or open-plan.

How wide does a seat have to be?

The following widths should be expected for a seat: 50 cm for a cramped seat. 60 cm for a normally set, comfortable seat. 70 cm for a festively set, spacious seat.

How big does a dining table for 10 people have to be?

How big does a rectangular table for 10 people need to be? At least 240 centimeters long and 100 centimeters wide. With this size, four people can comfortably sit next to each other on each side and someone can also sit at the head ends.

How big does a round table have to be for 12 people?

However, if you have a large room in which a larger table model can be easily integrated, you can of course measure the length generously. As a rule, you calculate 50 cm to 70 cm per person or per place setting – depending on how tight or comfortable you want to sit.

How big should a round dining table be?

A round table for six people should have a diameter of at least 114 centimeters. For four people, a diameter of 90 centimeters is sufficient.

What table size for 12 people?

Hello Neko, for the normal dining area, consisting of a table and chairs, the following space is required: – 60cm width and 60cm depth per chair. – Each person needs a table surface of 65cm wide and 40cm deep to be able to eat comfortably. AV: 10-12 people

How big does a table have to be for 16 people?

How big does the dining table have to be? As a rule, one calculates a width of 60 cm per person and place setting. There is also a depth of 40 cm and another 20 cm space for pots or bowls in the middle of the table. This results in a table width of 80-100 cm.

How many people at 180 table?

A round teak table with a diameter of 100 cm comfortably seats 3 people. In the largest variant (180 cm), there are a maximum of 10 people who can eat at the same time.

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