How do I open my own cafe?

How do I open my own cafe?

In order to set up your own café, you need to apply for a business registration at your local trade office. There is an administration fee for this, which can vary regionally (up to 40 euros).

How much money do I need to open a cafe?

You want to open a café. And yes, you need equity capital to implement your cafe concept. It doesn’t work without it. As a rule of thumb, it is said that founders should own at least 20-30% of the total capital requirement as equity.

What do you need to open a bistro?

Open bistro: Requirements and permits Clearance certificate from the tax office. Information from the central trade register from the trade office. Health certificate from the public order office.

What makes a good coffee?

What makes a café so special? The atmosphere, the service, the range of goods make all the difference. Entrepreneurial success is already defined by food and drinks. If the guests like it and if the prices are well calculated, the doorbell rings.

How much can you make with a coffee?

Café employee salaries in Germany Employees who work as a café employee earn an average salary of around € 25,900. The upper limit for the job as an employee / in a café is € 29,500. The lower limit, however, is around € 20,500.

How much does a cafe owner earn?

Around 3000 euros gross for the café operator.

What can you earn with an ice cream parlor?

The top wages are around 2300 euros a month. You can earn a little more if you complete further training, for example as a master craftsman or specialist in the hospitality industry, and then take over the management of an ice cream parlor. Then gross wages of up to 2700 euros are possible.

How much can you make from a restaurant?

Chef Restaurant Salaries in Germany Chef Restaurant is your dream job? In this job you can expect a minimum salary of € 26,700, but on average you will earn € 32,900. If you earn above average, your salary is around € 38,900.

How much can you make with a bar?

If you work as a bar employee, you are expected to earn at least € 21,200 and, in the best case, € 31,600. The average salary is € 26,600. Anyone looking for a job as a bar employee will find a large number of job offers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

How Much Do Bartenders Make?

In your dream job as a bartender, you can expect to earn up to € 31,600. However, you can expect a salary of at least € 21,200. The average salary is € 26,600.

How much revenue does a good restaurant make?

An important key figure is the turnover that is achieved per chair. For very food-oriented businesses, this is around 7,200 euros per year. If food and drinks are more in balance, an annual turnover of 6,000 euros per year and chair can be assumed.

How much of the turnover is gastronomy left?

The turnover minus the cost of goods, personnel costs and other fixed costs results in the profit or loss. In the catering industry, a realistic profit margin is in the range of 10 to 15 percent of sales.

What percentage of sales is profit?

between 40 and 70 percent of annual sales are left over as profit.

What percentage of profit gastronomy?

The values ​​show clear and sometimes surprising differences: between 17 and 36 percent profit margin is therefore common in the catering industry, on average. While larger cafés only have a 17 percent margin, the figure for ice cream parlors is 27 percent.

How much surcharge on the purchase price for gastronomy?

The formula for the calculation in gastronomy is as follows: purchase price + 40% for storage + 30% overhead costs + own costs + 20% to 40% calculated profit = base price. Base price + 17% to 20% personnel costs = net sales price.

How much surcharge on the purchase price?

If, for example, a retailer calculates a surcharge of 40% on the (net) purchase price of 100 euros, the net sales price increases to 140 euros. This trade mark-up is also called the calculation mark-up and is used to determine the sales price at the known purchase price.

How do you calculate the retail price for gastronomy?

You can calculate the sales price in three steps: Price of the goods purchased + 40% for the maintenance of goods + 30% overhead costs + own costs + 20-40% calculated profit = basic price. Basic price + 17-20% personnel costs = net sales price. Selling price + 19% VAT. = Gross total price.

How much does a drink cost in a restaurant?

Non-alcoholic drinks Coca-Cola (6) (9) btl. 0.33 l. 3.00 € 0.50 l. € 4.50 Fanta (6) btl. 0.33 l. 3.00 € 0.50 l. 4.50 € Coca-Cola light (8) (6) btl. 0.33 l. 3.00 € 0.50 l. 4.50 € Schweppes Bitter Lemmon (10), bottle. 0.20 l. € 2.20

What does a bottle of Prosecco cost in a restaurant?

Aperitif, sparkling wine and ProseccoMartini bianco 125 cl € 3.90 Rotkäppchen sparkling wine, semi-dry and dry 140.1 l bottle € 3.50 € 23.00 Prosecco, dry 140.1 l bottle € 3.50 € 23.00 House brand champagne bottle € 69.00 126

What does a bottle of water cost in a restaurant?

How much more is shown by a random sample in wholesalers: For the price of a bottle of mineral water in a restaurant, you get a whole box in wholesalers. There you pay 60 cents per bottle, but more than ten times that in restaurants. Restaurateurs can easily achieve an increase in turnover of over 1000 percent.

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