How do I prepare for an exam?

How do I prepare for an exam?

How can I best prepare for an exam? Visualize goals. Create a learning environment. Narrow down learning material. Create a learning plan. Structure the day of learning. Summarize content. Incorporate success controls. Looking for supporters. More entries …

What do you do the day before the exam?

On the day of the exam, you should start your day as good and relaxed as possible. Make sure that, even if the exam is relatively early, you have enough time in the morning to have breakfast in peace (a good breakfast can really work wonders!) And to get ready stress-free.

Should I study the day before the exam?

Good exam preparation is essential, because honestly: the day before the exam, it’s already too late. So let’s assume that you have studied the material adequately according to the scope of the exam.

How long should you study for an exam?

It is best to study in shorter units of around 30 minutes and take a break after each unit. Of course, this assumes that you have already dealt with the material a few weeks before the exam.

How many pages can you learn in a day?

Re: how many pages do you manage to work through per day? 40 pages, doable in my opinion. If you consider that you learn 4 to 6 hours (net), then you have mathematically 6 to 9 minutes for each page. Makeable.

How long can you work on a piece?

That is the basic rule. The maximum working day is 8 hours. According to the law, working days also include Saturday. Therefore, the maximum weekly working time is 6 x 8 hours = 48 hours.

How long to study for the Physikum?

How long before the exam should you start studying? There are official learning plans that include 50 days for the Physikum and 100 days for the hammer exam without breaks.

How long should a learning phase last?

A learning phase should generally last at least 1.5 to a maximum of 2 hours. Try to focus optimally in a learning phase.

What happens if you fail 3 attempts?

If you fail a binding third attempt, you lose the right to be examined for your degree program and you are no longer allowed to study it. Your examination office will then send you a corresponding notification and initiate de-registration.

Is the Physikum a degree?

Physikum is the traditional name in Germany for the intermediate examination in the context of medical studies.

What do you call the completion of medical studies?

Professor Doktor medicinae: After completing the habilitation including the examination, this service title or this academic title is obtained. The requirement is a doctorate.

Is the Physikum a state examination?

The first state examination in medical studies (also generally referred to as “Physikum”) is held in the form of a written and an oral examination. You can find tips on how to prepare for the oral exam and how to proceed in the chapter on the First State Examination (oral part).

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