How do I set the satellite dish correctly?

How do I set the satellite dish correctly?

In Germany, satellite dishes are oriented towards the south. There should be no house, tree or even a bush in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely clear for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

When to replace LNB?

In the event of a defect or poor reception when watching TV, you should replace the LNB on the satellite dish. When buying the new LNB, make sure that it has sufficient connections. As soon as you have obtained the new LNB, it is now time to replace it.

How much does a new LNB cost?

The LNB costs about 20-30 €. There is also 1-3 hours of work – depending on the accessibility and complexity of the system. A reputable fitter will measure each connected socket after replacement.

How long does a satellite cable last?

you can make all the passive components (plugs, cables, dish, masts) last 30 years if you choose the right material. these include stainless steel masts, aluminum dishes, reinforced lnb brackets, windproof fastening clamps, uv-resistant cable jackets, etc.

What is the maximum length of a satellite cable?

AW: maximum cable length from the LNB to the receiver should be 30-40m, but for outdoor use you have to use UV-resistant cables. Eg LCD 115 or the LCM14 (both cables are from Kathrein).

Which satellite cable to use?

The SAT cable should be suitable for digital use and have multiple shielding with a shielding factor of at least 90 dB, the thicker the cable, the better the shielding and consequently higher shielding. The inner conductor should not be too thin and should be at least 1 mm thick and made of copper.

What is an F connector?

A so-called F-connector, or F-connector for short, is often used in satellite or cable television. Such plugs can either be pressed or screwed on.

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