How do I set up the satellite dish?

How do I set up the satellite dish?

In Germany, satellite dishes are oriented towards the south. There should be no house, tree or even a bush in the immediate vicinity of the bowl. The direct path towards the sky should be completely clear for a perfect signal. Neighboring houses are also an obstacle.

How does the LNB have to be in relation to the dish?

the antenna is vertical in the LNB: the LNB must only be exactly vertical if the satellite is exactly in the south (but note 3.) 2. the antenna in the LNB is “pre-skewed”: it is assumed that it is a “usual” satellite, which is not exactly in the south.

Does the size of the satellite dish matter?

It is said that the larger the diameter of the satellite dish, the better the reception. When choosing the size, you also have to consider where you want to mount the satellite dish and how many receivers you want to supply with it.

Which satellite dish for 8 participants?

If you then want to control 2 satellites with 8 participants, you can buy a 120 cm satellite dish. The satellite dish 120 cm can control 8 participants 2 satellites and thus also receive foreign channels. This is the best option if you are looking for a satellite antenna for 8 participants.

How many receivers can you connect to a satellite dish?

How many devices can you connect in such a case? There are different LNB types that can supply up to eight receivers or up to four twin receivers. If you want to distribute a SAT signal to even more participants, you need a multi-switch.

How many TV sets can I operate on one connection?

2 TVs, 1 cable connection: It’s easy You can split the signal using a conventional antenna distributor. The distributor has two or more connections to which you can connect a cable. This cable can then be connected to the cable TV port on the television.

Can you connect several TVs to a single LNB?

If you have a single, twin or quad LNB, lay it via a SAT socket. Depending on your LNB, you can connect up to 4 televisions or receivers at the same time in this way.

Can I connect two televisions to one satellite cable?

First plug a satellite cable into the satellite socket on the wall. You can then connect these two satellite cables to two receivers or TV sets. Always ensure that you connect the satellite cables firmly to avoid loss of quality.

How does a 2x SAT distributor work?

The satellite distributor has an input and two or more outputs. It splits the incoming signals. Usually without loss of quality. With the help of a splitter you can receive two different channels at the same time.

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