How do I start my application?

How do I start my application?

The opening sentence should be short and to the point. It is about two to four lines long and consists of a maximum of three sentences. The general rule here is that it should be short and crisp instead of long and boring. The introduction must make you want more!

When is a transfer subject to co-determination?

The right of co-determination of the works council of the transferring company only lapses if a permanent transfer to another company of the employer is planned and the employee agrees to this transfer.

Can a promotion be reversed?

In principle, promotions cannot be reversed (with the exception of newsletter 8-11). Therefore, the passed candidate must prevent the selection decision challenged by him in the lawsuit from being implemented anyway.

When can the works council object to a transfer?

Transferring works council members against their will is much more difficult than transferring “normal” employees. If the transfer would lead to the loss of office or eligibility, the works council’s approval is required in the event of an objection by the works council member pursuant to Section 103 (3) BetrVG.

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