How do I use LinkedIn as a business?

How do I use LinkedIn as a business?

Basically, you can use LinkedIn for companies to: Publish your own content or status reports such as current company, product or brand news. Share other relevant content. Follow other sites or companies and influencers.

What can you do with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn for professional networkingMake use of saved searches. Use your LinkedIn profile as a resume. Find a job. Use endorsements. Use InMail to contact strangers. Stay informed through the news feed. Don’t be a wallflower.More posts…•

What does also viewed on Linked In mean?

Where possible we try to show a minimum of 5 profile views over a given time frame. Also Viewed- This shows some of the profiles that viewers of your profile have also viewed. Also Viewed is usually displayed on the right side of the member’s profile.

How to indicate maternity leave on LinkedIn?

Indicate a parental leave / time off Go to your profile page by clicking on your small profile photo or your name in the top left. Scroll to the “Career” section. Click on Edit. Create a new entry with the following information, for example:

What does private mode mean on LinkedIn?

When a member browses LinkedIn in private mode, their name and other profile information is not shared with the owners of the viewed profiles.

What do you see on LinkedIn?

Depending on the profile viewer’s privacy settings, you will see one of the following indicators: the viewer’s name, profile tagline, location, and industry. General profile data such as job title, company, training center and industry.

Is Linked In free?

Free LinkedIn accounts and paid premium memberships. We offer a standard (free) account as well as premium memberships that come with a free one-month trial. A standard account is suitable for anyone who wants to create and maintain a professional online profile.

How much does LinkedIn cost?

In the best case, users can get a premium membership with LinkedIn for 14.95 euros per month. However, the so-called business package is only available at this price if the membership is booked for a whole year.

How serious is LinkedIn?

Contact on LinkedIn is geared more towards mediation through other members than on the competitor Xing. LinkedIn sees this recommendation system as an advantage over the competition, as it makes contact more serious. This is particularly important for jobs and businesses.

Which is better Linked In or Xing?

Both social networks have their advantages and disadvantages: The reach of LinkedIn is many times higher than that of Xing. However, Xing is completely sufficient for job searches in German-speaking countries. For large companies, as well as for international job searches, LinkedIn is the better, but also more expensive solution.

What is LinkedIn and Xing?

Xing is a German company that was founded in Hamburg in 2003. It is aimed at German-speaking users in the DACH region, i.e. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. LinkedIn Switzerland, on the other hand, is an offshoot of the US company LinkedIn, which has belonged to Microsoft since December 2016.

Is Xing still relevant?

Current status – XING and LinkedIn in the DACH region XING, the network founded in 2003 and based in Hamburg, has a total of 16 million members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means that XING remains the top dog among business networks in the DACH region.

What does Linked In do?

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that it allows companies to join groups and connect with key people and influencers in their own industry. It helps companies strategically position themselves as a key influencer in the industry.

Does a XING profile make sense?

Xing gives you the opportunity to integrate other profiles of yours. This is particularly useful because Xing has a good reputation with search engines and thus ensures that your profile is easier to find on the web.

Why Join LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn for Business, you can build credibility, create a meaningful network, and gain insider knowledge from established experts in your industry. More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business.

What does Xing bring me?

Xing is an Internet platform for professional networks. With 13 million German members, it is one of the largest networks of its kind in Germany. It allows users to manage their professional contacts and also to make new contacts.

What does XING Premium bring me?

Among other things, XING Premium offers you the following advantages: Get full insight into your profile visitors and increase your visibility with a comprehensive profile visitor analysis. Highlight your profile with your most important skills and a digital business card.

Does Xing Premium make sense?

However, if you want to use XING more intensively and comprehensively, you will need a paid premium membership. This offers you some helpful additional functions for your job search, such as the extended search function, statistics and learning content.

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