How do I write a comparison in German?

How do I write a comparison in German?

How do you compare? Introduction: Mention of the texts, presentation of the topic Main part: Analysis of the two texts one after the other (diachronic) or alternating aspect-oriented (synchronous) Conclusion: Conclusion (are the texts similar or completely different?), Justification of your own opinion .

How do you write a picture comparison?

How do I write a picture comparison? Description of one picture. Analysis & interpretation (always flow a little together) Final epoch-making classification. Description of the second image, analysis and interpretation. Find similarities and differences (comparison of epochs, comparison of artists) Further entries… •

What does a poem analysis involve?

The initiation of a poem analysis includes the name of the author, the year of publication and the title of the poem. In the introduction we briefly mention the subject of the poem. The introduction of a poem analysis includes the first linguistic abnormalities.

What is poem interpretation?

The poem consists of descriptions of the “it” from the point of view of reason, calculation, fear, insight, pride, caution and experience, all of which portray it as something negative. Only love, expressed at the end of each stanza, accepts it for what it is.

What is a poem?

A poem consists of several verses that are combined into stanzas. Individual verses often rhyme; but this is not a mandatory requirement for a poem. Within the verse there is a meter that makes the poem sound rhythmic.

What kind of poem is that?

A poem is a lyric text that is characterized by its verse form and its rhythmic stylized design. A line in the poem is called a verse. The paragraph of a poem is called a stanza. A stanza consists of several verses.

What kind of text is a poem?

The poem belongs to the genre lyric poetry.

What kind of factual texts are there?

Text types the message, the comment, the gloss, the report, the interview, the feature, the report, the review / criticism.

What types of text are there?

Written text types Private text types (note, letter, diary) Literary text types (fable, novella, novel, poem) Journalistic text types (news, report, report) Scientific text types (treatise, essay, monograph) Didactic text types (school book, instructions, prediction, lecture)

What is TextArt?

Magazine for creative writing is a German magazine for creative writing and all aspects of the writing trade. With the 1–2 / 2018 issue, TextArt appears under new editors. …

What does text genre mean?

The concept of genre or text genre classifies literary works into groups with a specific content or form.

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