How do I write a good book review?

How do I write a good book review?

Checklist for your book reviewPart Contents. Title, author and type of book. short summary. Use present tense.Part criticism. your opinion on the book. author’s style. Preparation of the topic. Conclusion part. Main aspects of the criticism. Recommendation. When writing a review, remember: Don’t give too much away!

What does a review look like?

A review is an informative but also entertaining text. In a review, the author can give an informed judgment about literary works, films and much more. It is therefore a matter of a personal statement by the author, who, for example, presents and critically evaluates books, films, etc.

How can I delete bad reviews on Google?

Remain calm if you have negative reviews – you can’t please everyone 😉 Answer a bad review in a factual and friendly manner and show that you take criticism seriously. In the case of reviews that are bad for business, it is possible to request a deletion from Google.

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