How do I write an application for a high school?

How do I write an application for a high school?

Dear Mr. xy, I am applying for admission to your grammar school, because a high school diploma is very important for my career aspiration to be a chemical-technical assistant. In addition, I really want to not only improve myself in my favorite subjects: chemistry and physics, but also prove myself.

Which subjects are the main subjects?

The main subjects are German, mathematics, English, history and political education, the natural sciences, physics, chemistry and biology as well as the other foreign languages ​​French, Latin and Russian.

What are the compulsory subjects?

The compulsory subjects represent the core area of ​​the basic school education of a Realschule. The core subjects of a Realschule include, as in the other types of school, German, mathematics and English (1st foreign language).

Which subjects are primary school majors?

Mathematics, German and general science are among the main subjects.

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