How do I write an introduction for an internship report?

How do I write an introduction for an internship report?

An introduction serves to briefly inform the reader about the key data of your internship position. First you state the period of your internship and name the company and its location. Then you describe in which department or in which area of ​​activity you were assigned.

How do I write a practice report?

An internship report is written on the computer using a word processing program. Use subheadings in your report to structure it. You write your report from the first-person perspective and use the present or past tense.

How to write a good internship report

Structure of internship report. You should break your internship report into separate sections. For example, after an introduction, you could go into your internship company and then the process of your internship. At the end you could add a personal evaluation of the internship.

What should a good internship portfolio look like?

This is what the internship folder should look like Formal specifications: Your folder consists of a loose-leaf folder or a folder and contains: ➡ a cover sheet (with title, your name, type of internship, time of internship) ➡ internship certificate (can also be omitted if this was not issued ).

What must be included in an internship folder?

The most important components of the internship folder. Cover sheet: Contains your name, that of the educational institution and the internship company. Table of contents: Here you display the headings of the detailed daily reports including page numbers.

What goes in an appendix internship report?

Attachment Internship report Pictures or copies as well as the internship certificate, work samples, an internship certificate (from the school) and not to forget a declaration that the report was written by you independently.

What is an Exploration Profession?

Explorations are “real encounter procedures”. The pupils inform themselves through their own perception and by using exploratory techniques (inter alia questioning, observing, documenting) in direct contact about facts that relate to subject areas of the subject economy and occupation.

What font size should an internship report have?

Use as font: Times New Roman; font size 12 pt.; 1.5 times the line spacing (see table).

Which font for a report?

E.g.: “10-point Arial or 12-point Times New Roman are the preferred fonts; however, any legible serif or sans-serif standard font may be used” (Columbia University New York).

In what time will write a reflection?

The usual tenses of a reflection are past tense or perfect tense, since you are looking back at something in the past. However, if you are talking about the topicality of your topic or looking towards the future, the present and future tense are of course also suitable.

How to write an internship report for university?

Internship report cover sheet – what needs to be on it?Name of the university, the institute and the department.Name of your internship supervisor.Name and address of the company where you did the internship.Period of the internship.Title of your internship report.Your name and address, E -Mail address and telephone number.

In what tense do you write academic papers?

The majority of a scientific work is written in the present tense, but some versions use the perfect or past tense. In the various parts of a thesis, abstract, introduction, theory, literature review, method, results and conclusion or

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