How do I write an introduction to an argument?

How do I write an introduction to an argument?

Introduction to the argument. In the introduction you name the topic on which you want to write an opinion. body of the argument. In the main part you make at least two convincing arguments, which you clearly support with examples. end of the argument.

How do I write a discussion in English?

Writing a discussion English: The method Read the task and everything that goes with it carefully 1 or 2 times. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Be clear about what your argument is about. Arrange your arguments so that they ideally lead to your conclusion.

How do you start a discussion in English?

In discussions you can express your own opinion, but you also have to deal with other opinions….2. Saying your own opinion.WendedeutschAs far as I’m concerned …What concerns me.I think …I think …In my opinion …Meine Opinion …As far as I know …As far as I know …6

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