How do you cite ancient sources?

How do you cite ancient sources?

Name of the ancient author: Title (in the original Latin/in the case of Greek titles, the Latin transcription). Subtitle (original/transliteration), volume number: volume title (series title series number) published first name last name, place year.

How is Aristotle quoted?

Rule for citation for Aristotle (Level 1): Aristotle is quoted with the specification of the Bekker page, the Bekker column and the (possibly approximate) Bekker line. Rule for citing fragments of the older Stoa (Level 1): Whenever an SVF number exists, it must be given (SVF = Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta).

How do I cite an encyclopedia?

Lexicon articles are listed in the footnotes and in the bibliography according to the following citation rule: surname, first name: title, in: name of the lexicon, volume, place of publication, year of publication, col. x – y. The name of the lexicon can be abbreviated if this is customary in the individual course.

Is Wikipedia citable?

However, citing Wikipedia in scientific work is considered a no-go and often leads to a poorer evaluation of the work, although citing Internet sources is allowed. In fact, the professional qualifications and the identity of the authors are not guaranteed on Wikipedia.

When is something citable?

As a rule, only scientific sources and information published by organizations and companies about matters affecting them are considered “worthy of quotation” – but not journalistic or entertainment products.

Can you quote master theses?

Citing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis Bachelor’s or master’s theses are usually not published, which means they are not in e.g. quote from a bachelor thesis, you must therefore indicate the addition unpublished in the source.

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