How Do You Clean A Smartboard Screen

One question that frequently pops into your mind when you get a SMART Board is how do you clean it? Here are some tips and techniques. To start, disconnect any power source that is connected to the smartboard. Next, turn off all computers connected to the smartboard. Finally, wipe the screen with distilled waters using a soft cloth. Avoid applying the cleaning solution directly onto the surface of the board.

First, clean the screen with a damp cloth. The screen can be covered with permanent or dry erase marker ink. To remove ink, do not use any abrasive materials. Use a high-quality dry erase marker that is odorless if it is a permanent marking. Alternatively, you can use Windex glass cleaner or Expo Board cleaner to remove the ink.

Make sure you have the right tools before cleaning the SMART Board screen. SMART Technologies recommends that you use distilled water or a 70 to 90 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the interactive surface. You can also use a cleaning solution that contains 0.1% bleach. Always remember that you should not spray the cleaning liquid directly onto the interactive surface, as it can damage the infrared transmitters, sensors, and smart accessories.

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