How do you do a profile on a person?

How do you do a profile on a person?

Structure of a personal profileFacts about the person. First and Last Name. Birthday and place. Residence. Photo if possible.Characteristics of the person. Size. Weight. eye color. Hair color.Preferences of the person. Favourite colour. Favorite Food. favorite music. Hobbies and occupations. Person’s activity. Job. Voluntary work.

How to write a person

Style of the person description Pay attention to a meaningful order, so describe e.g. B. from top to bottom!Use descriptive adjectives to describe the person exactly!The tense of the person description is the present tense!Write in the he/she form!Remain factual and avoid personal feelings!

How do I proceed with a process description?

Main part of the process description Decide whether you want to be addressed personally or impersonally. Write in the present tense. Describe precisely and concisely. List all the materials used. Follow the sequence of work steps exactly. Use appropriate chronological expressions (after, then, then…).

What does a process description look like?

The text basically consists of a headline, introduction, body and conclusion. The headline briefly describes what it is about. The introduction explains what happens in the text and what the result of the instructions will be. In the main part we explain step by step how the process can be recreated.

In what tense must the process description be written?

Write your process description in factual, consistent and easy-to-understand language. Use the present tense and address the reader as Sie, du or man. Divide your process description into an introduction, a main part and a conclusion.

Where can I find process descriptions?

The process description can be written in the I form, the du form or in the neutral man form. In the introduction, the reader learns what is involved and what materials he needs for the process. The main part describes the course of action in the correct order.

What makes a good guide?

Good instructions convey information to the user of a product. By product we mean devices, machines, systems and software. All user aspects such as installation, assembly, commissioning, operation, transport and faults are explained in instructions.

How do I make a good tutorial?

How to Create the Perfect Video Tutorial: Tips and TricksChoose a topic that interests you. Give clear instructions. Structure your video tutorial logically. Make sure you present at a comfortable pace. Consider the absorption capacity of your target group. Hit the right note.

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