How do you explain friendship?

How do you explain friendship?

Friendship refers to a relationship between people based on mutual affection, which is characterized by sympathy and trust. A person in a friendly relationship is called a boyfriend or girlfriend.

What does friendship symbolize?

There are many different symbols of friendship – from two hearts to friendship arrows and other motifs that have been invented in different parts of the world. Whether symbols are engraved on jewelry or tattooed, they all mean the same thing: friendship, loyalty and trust.

Which animal represents friendship?

dolphin. Another animal that is a symbol of friendship and loyalty, both by humans and within its own species, the dolphin.

Which sign stands for trust?

Lily. Symbol of radiant purity and innocence. It stands for trust in the will of God, who takes care of his people.

What is the symbol for family?

Elephants stand for unity The family as a tattoo can also be represented visually with other animals. A family of elephants, for example, is a popular motif that symbolizes family unity and cohesion. The initials of the respective person can be engraved under each elephant.

What tattoos represent family?

17 Family Tattoos That Express Togetherness #1 Connecting Symbols. This family of five came up with something special: they all had five dots engraved vertically one below the other. #2 Heartbeat Tattoo. #3 Ohana tattoo. #4 Infinity Sign. #5 initials. #6 hands. #7 Sibling Tattoo. #8 Mother Daughter Tattoo.

Which plant represents family?

One of the most well-known flowers is the forget-me-not – also in terms of meaning. Couples in love give each other these small blue flowers to symbolize their love and fidelity. But the forget-me-not can also be forgiven within the family.

What do stripe tattoos mean?

The black stripes come from the Maori, from Palau or from the Marquesas Islands. They go back to the tattoos of Japanese prisoners. They represent the gangster lifestyle “Mi Vida Loca”, German: my crazy life.

What do rings around the arm tattoo mean?

Originally, such tattoos were worn by prisoners in Japan. Sometimes only one, but mostly two or three rings are tattooed. For some wearers, the rings represent crimes, for others they are rings of mourning, for others they symbolize gangster life.

What does Rea Garvey’s tattoo mean?

The well-known singer Rea Garvey has such a motif of three stripes. Deviating from the cultural meanings, these should simply symbolize his small family, i.e. him, his wife and his daughter. So everyone can come up with something themselves.

What does the triangle tattoo mean?

What do triangles stand for as a tattoo? Triangles represent the four elements fire, water, earth and air. If the point of the triangle points down, it means water, if it points up, it means fire. If both are crossed with a line, they stand for earth and air.

What does the triangle stand for?

God-given life (triangle pointing down) will return to the Creator (triangle pointing up); the 12 corners of the star also symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel. In Hinduism, the triangle is also an attribute of Vishnu and represents the goddess Lakshmi.

What does the triangle with the circle in the middle mean?

The triangle signifies the so-called law of three and states that every phenomenon consists of three different sources: the active, the passive and the neutral. The circle represents the unity of life and the container in which we as humans live our lives.

What does lotus flower tattoo mean?

Originally, the lotus is the symbol for the purity of the soul, love, creativity, perfection, fertility, rebirth, loyalty and enlightenment, which can also be interpreted as faith and spiritual awakening.

What does the cherry blossom stand for?

The Japanese cherry blossom (桜 sakura in Japanese) is one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture. It stands for beauty, awakening and transience (mono no aware). The cherry blossom season marks a high point in the Japanese calendar and the beginning of spring.

Why a tattoo?

Tattoos have existed since the Stone Age The art of tattooing was already known to people in the Stone Age. Among the Dayak on the island of Borneo, every warrior who killed an enemy had his hand tattooed – a kind of medal on the skin. Women wore special signs if they could weave fabrics, for example.

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