How do you make straight quotes?

How do you make straight quotes?

In the latest version of Word, straight quotes (key combination: SHIFT + 2) are automatically converted to smart quotes. Origin: On the typewriter, there was only one key (“) for opening and closing quotation marks.

How to make quotes below with keyboard?

To insert a quotation mark below, hold the key [Alt] and enter 0130 on the numeric keypad. After that, leave the [Alt]- key released, the character appears.

What quotation marks in Switzerland?

In French and the other Romance languages, as well as in Switzerland (for all languages), they are the usual representation of the quotation mark and are used with the points facing out. In German, guillemets are also permitted in addition to the German quotation marks (“…”).

Are company names put in quotation marks?

As soon as the company names become too absurd, self-help is in order. Quotation marks are usually intended to emphasize something, not to legitimize mistakes. Strictly speaking, “Der Spiegel” in goose feet would remain a mistake if you mean the magazine (because it’s actually called DER SPIEGEL).

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