How do you put books on the shelf?

How do you put books on the shelf?

There is a loose rule of thumb among interior designers that says: one third books, one third accessories and one third free space. Can be done, does not have to be. If you have a lot of books, you can put more on the shelf, after all it’s all about storage space.

How does a librarian sort the books?

The group listing combines the mechanical and the systematic listing by first assigning the books to subject areas and sorting them within the subject areas according to formal criteria (e.g. according to numerus currens). The group constellation is used today mainly for freehand constellations.

How do I dust my books?

You need a large bucket, a garbage bag, a damp cloth and a hair dryer. Put the bag over the bucket, put the damp cloth in the bag on the bottom of the bucket. Now you can simply hold the books in the bucket and blow the dust out of the book with the coldest setting of the hair dryer.

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