How do you speak of yourself in the 3rd person?

How do you speak of yourself in the 3rd person?

er too) and the nominal suffix -ism (Latin -ism), and today usually denotes speaking of oneself in the third person by replacing the 1st person singular personal pronoun with a 3rd person singular personal pronoun or with a noun will.

How can you describe people?

Style of the person description Pay attention to a meaningful order, so describe e.g. B. from top to bottom!Use descriptive adjectives to describe the person exactly!The tense of the person description is the present tense!Write in the he/she form!Remain factual and avoid personal feelings!

What are the last names of Pippi Longstocking’s best friends?

Pippi’s best friends are called Tommi and Annika. The two are siblings and live with their parents very close to Villa Kunterbunt. Also always present are Pippi’s horse, which goes by the name of Little Uncle, and Pippi’s little squirrel monkey, which goes by the name of Herr Nilsson.

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