How do you specify academic titles?

How do you specify academic titles?

Academic titles Formalities Academic degrees such as Dr. and Dipl. -Ing. are immediately in front of the name. You should also always write the professor title immediately in front of the name. Bachelor and Master degrees are abbreviated after the name. Use BBA and MA.

Is the salutation capitalized in a letter?

As a rule, the forms of the salutation you are written in lower case, as are those of the majority of you. The lower case also applies to the forms of the possessive pronouns your, yours and also for your kind, your part etc. In letters (also on postcards etc.)

How do you write the two big or small?

You always write “both” in lower case D 76: they were both there.

How do you spell you big or small?

With the salutation pronouns of the personal salutation (you, you, your, you, you, you, your) lower case is always correct. In exceptional cases, namely if the person (s) addressed are known personally and addressed directly (i.e. in letters, e-mails, SMS, etc.), capitalization may continue to be used.

Is yours capitalized?

We recommend: As a rule of thumb you can remember: If the word “you” refers to the recipient (s), it is capitalized. If it relates to one thing or another person, it is capitalized.

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