How do you start a discussion in English?

How do you start a discussion in English?

In discussions you can express your own opinion, but you also have to deal with other opinions….2. Saying your own opinion.WendedeutschAs far as I’m concerned …What concerns me.I think …I think …In my opinion …My opinion …As far as I know …As far as I know …6 more lines

How do you prepare for a debate?

A debate consists of three parts: In the opening round, each participant takes two minutes to answer the issue from his or her point of view. The free debate lasts twelve minutes. Here further arguments are presented and compared with each other.

What must be discussed in the bachelor thesis?

In the discussion of your bachelor thesis, you go into the results of your investigation in a more interpretative manner. While you kept the conclusion of your bachelor thesis short and sweet, the results can be discussed in more detail in the discussion.

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