How do you start a picture story?

How do you start a picture story?

Consider the following narrative tricks: Tell the story as excitingly as possible. Complete the story with your own ideas. Make sure you write the picture story in the present tense; using appropriate adjectives and verbs will help you convey places, characters, and moods more vividly.

How do I write a picture story correctly?

A first-class picture story in 7 steps Step: Look at the pictures and describe them. Step: summarize the plot in a few sentences. Step: Write down keywords for each picture. Step: Turn the keywords into full sentences.

What is important in a picture story?

A picture story follows a sequence of pictures with its actions. Sometimes you first have to put the pictures in the right order so that a narrative with an introduction, a main part that increases the tension in the picture story and a short conclusion emerges.

How should a story be structured?

You build a story in three steps: introduction, main part and conclusion. At the beginning you give an overview of the situation. The reader needs to find out what the main character is called and what concerns them. In the main part you tell the experience in several steps.

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