How do you write a good stimulus word story?

How do you write a good stimulus word story?

Write a stimulus word story – Instructions All stimulus words should appear in the essay and play a special role. Use your stimulus words to create a clear and entertaining story. Divide your story into introduction, main part and conclusion Tension is greatest.

What is a stimulus story?

Stimulus word stories are a form of essay, in which they are written using given words (the so-called stimulus words that set the stimulus); all stimulus words must appear in the story.

What are narrative tricks?

Working with narrative tricks Tell the story as excitingly as possible. Use words that create tension (suddenly, suddenly, …). Complete the story with your own ideas. Make sure that your ideas go well with the picture story.

What is the turning point?

Mathematics. Point of a function in which a change in curvature takes place. Since the second derivative f “indicates the curvature of a function, inflection points can be determined with its help.

What is a math turning point?

In mathematics, a turning point is a point on a function graph at which the graph changes its curvature behavior: The graph either changes from a right to a left curve or vice versa. This change is also called an arc change.

What is the difference between climax and turning point?

If you mean the climaxes and turning points in stories, then the climax means the part of the story that is most exciting. The turning point marks the part of the story where something almost turns or something is dissolved.

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