How do you write a letter to a lawyer?

How do you write a letter to a lawyer?

Determine what type of letter to write to your lawyer! Write your address in the upper left corner or in the middle of the page! Add additional contact information as well as your email address and a mobile phone number, if available!

Is the first consultation with the lawyer free of charge?

In 2006, the legislature reduced the costs for the initial consultation with a lawyer for consumers to a maximum of 190 euros plus VAT. The value that is being disputed is basically still the basis today, albeit with a “lid” for the first consultation (first interview) with the lawyer.

What does an initial legal consultation cost?

If you as a private person need advice from a lawyer or information, the fee for an initial consultation must not be higher than 190 euros plus VAT, i.e. a total of 226.10 euros (Section 34 RVG).

What is an initial consultation?

According to the case law of the Federal Court of Justice, an initial consultation is a “general, rough initial consultation”. This does not include that the lawyer first makes himself knowledgeable or that he summarizes the initial consultation in writing.

Where can I get free legal advice?

Anyone who wants to obtain binding and professional legal advice from a lawyer usually cannot avoid paying for it. Legal advice is available free of charge and online only in a correspondingly non-binding form.

What does a consultation with a family law attorney cost?

According to the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG), the lawyer can charge EUR 190 plus VAT for the initial consultation, plus EUR 20 for postage and other necessary expenses. That goes for consumers.

What does an initial consultation with a lawyer cost about divorce?

The costs of initial legal advice in the event of separation or divorce and other family matters are usually reimbursed by the legal expenses insurance. Initial legal advice is limited by law to a maximum of € 190 net.

What does a counseling interview with a lawyer entail?

At least important questions can be clarified through a consultation and a strategy can be discussed together. An initial interview is also important so that you can get an impression of your lawyer and decide whether you want to transfer the mandate to him or not.

What does a child support calculation cost at a lawyer?

Otherwise, however, the fee is a maximum of 190.00 euros plus a flat rate (20.00 euros) and VAT. The fees to be paid depend on the lawyer’s activity, which is determined by your assignment.

Who pays the lawyer for alimony?

However, each spouse bears the legal fees himself. The spouse who loses the legal dispute must bear the entire costs, such as court costs, costs of his own lawyer and the costs of the opposing lawyer. However, this only applies to proceedings for child maintenance or separate livelihood maintenance.

How much does a maintenance claim cost?

Flat-rate expenses and VAT, as well as court fees. Value in dispute 10,500 EUR (12 x 750 = 9,000 + 1500) causes EUR 1,588.65 in legal fees. The court costs amount to EUR 657.00. Legal fees for maintenance are therefore legally regulated and controllable.

How can I have the maintenance checked?

You can also hire a lawyer to check, calculate and claim child support, but of course you will have to bear these costs. Advice is often refused because the courts point out that the youth welfare office operates free of charge.

How often can I have the youth welfare office checked for maintenance?

The youth welfare office does not check the income of the person liable for maintenance every 2 years. Voluntary information, so that the next test will only be possible in 2 years? The youth welfare office is allowed to demand proof of income for a period of 12 months from the person obliged to support children at most every 2 years.

Who decides on the amount of maintenance?

In order for it to be fair, the German courts are responsible for this task. You compare the income of the paying parent and the needs of the child or children to determine a fair maintenance. The Düsseldorf table is used for this.

Can fathers recalculate maintenance?

You can have the title recalculated (every two years) and the youth welfare office may charge less maintenance. BUT: If your ex-wife has legitimate doubts that you are not innocent of the new income situation, you can get justice in court and the old title can come into force again.

Can father just cut child support?

In general, the following applies: a parent who has once been sentenced to pay child support in a certain amount cannot simply reduce or withhold part of the amount. The amount of money determined by the court must be paid. Otherwise the person liable for maintenance is liable to prosecution.

Where can I recalculate child support?

It often happens that the child’s mother hands over the assertion and calculation of child support to the youth welfare office. The maintenance debtors are then requested by the YES to provide information about income and assets. Afterwards, the youth welfare office will calculate the maintenance.

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