How do you write numbers in academic papers?

How do you write numbers in academic papers?

Before signs, abbreviations of measures, weights, types of money, the number must be written in digits, e.g. B. 2km; 8.4kg; 5 EUR or 10%. However, if no abbreviations are used, the numerals can either be written out or given in digits, e.g.

How is 68 spelled?

Convert number: 68 in Roman numerals (Roman numerals, numerals, numerals), how do you write? 68 = LXVIII; is a group of numbers in additive notation.

How is 45 spelled?

Numbers from 1-100 translated from German to English number, number number written out German number written out English

How are the numbers written?

First of all, numbers are always written in lower case. Only when used as a separate noun are they capitalized like any other noun. For example in the sentence “Three is a prime number”. Designations like million, billion etc.

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