How do you write numbers in words big or small?

How do you write numbers in words big or small?

The numbers million, billion, trillion etc. must be capitalized. However, there are also some exceptions: Numbers that are used as nouns, i.e. nouns, and denote a certain number are capitalized: “the Roman eight”, “the number eight”, “a one in math”.

How do you write the number?

When writing telephone numbers in Germany, the spelling according to DIN 5008 or the equivalent recommendation of the Duden editorial team is recommended. If you have a lot of international contacts, you can also use the spelling according to E. 123.

How do you enter your mobile phone number correctly?

According to DIN 5008, the area code is simply separated from the phone number with a space: The International Telecommunication Union recommends a slightly different spelling for domestic phone numbers. Which spelling you choose is a matter of taste.

Which cell phone code?

Cell phone prefixes of the network operatorNetwork operatorMobile phone prefixesRequest network affiliation Vodafone 0174 by call via 12313E-Plus01570 (Telogic) he call via 0 0176 0179 by SMS with “NETZ phone number” to 46361 more row

When do I have to select 49?

The country code for Germany is +49. Simply dial this in front of any telephone number with the area code of the country in order to call Germany. The area code 0049 applies to landline and cell phone networks. You can use +49 from all GSM networks, which replaces the prefixes of the country codes.

Which area code for mobile phones abroad?

Note: In order to be able to use the phone numbers saved in the mobile phone directory abroad, you should always save them in the international format. First +49, then the area code without the zero, then the phone number.

What to enter at +49?

the country code +49 belongs to Germany. In order to be able to make phone calls from Germany to Germany, the use of the international code 0049 is mandatory. To make a phone call to Germany, first enter the country code on your device: 0049.

How do I enter a plus in the phone?

+ cannot be entered in the telephone number field of the telephone book or when dialing. The telephone network expects “00” here. In name fields, however, you can enter the + by pressing the * key and then selecting the +.

How do I enter a foreign number?

In order to be able to call abroad, you need to know the international code of the respective country and put it in front of the number of the recipient of the call. For example, if you want to call Turkey, dial 0090 or +90 from Germany in front of the recipient’s number.

How do you spell a telephone number correctly Austria?

An Austrian number is dialed from abroad as follows: International traffic elimination number +43 (country code) + area code (without the leading zero) + telephone number. Dialing within the country can usually be made as follows: Area code (with 0) + telephone number.

How do I enter a phone number in my application?

In order to assign the numbers correctly, you should make them recognizable, for example with a “Tel .:” in front of the landline number and a “Mobil:” in front of the mobile phone number. You should include your telephone number under your address and your e-mail address on the cover letter. It is also advisable to include them in your résumé.

What do I have to select to Germany?

Everyone knows that you have to dial 0049 for calls from abroad to Germany. But that doesn’t always apply. Because not all countries use 00 as the traffic elimination number (VAZ), which leads into the international area. This is reported by the telecommunications portal “”.

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