How do you write the conclusion of a speech analysis?

How do you write the conclusion of a speech analysis?

The introduction and main part should always be written factually and objectively. Only in the final part can we express our personal opinion on the speech. Furthermore, it is not possible to illuminate all aspects of a speech and to judge every single sentence.

How do you write a factual text?

Write short and clear along a common thread (or your outline) and get the information concise and unambiguous to the point. You should avoid empty phrases or filler sentences in a factual text. Only use foreign words that are part of the general vocabulary, if in doubt, explain them briefly.

What is a normative text?

A normative statement is therefore an instruction, a “this is the way it should be done”. The statement can be implicit or explicit. Synonyms are, for example, “authoritative”, “obligatory” or “pioneering”. The term is probably derived from the Latin noun “norma” (square, guideline, rule, regulation).

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