How do you write the perfect résumé?

How do you write the perfect résumé?

Personal data: Name, date and place of birth, address, contact information (e-mail and mobile phone number, if available) Professional experience: jobs and internships. Education: school, occupation, studies. Further training – if they fit the job profile. Stays abroad . Foreign language skills.

How to write a resume 2019

Content: how to write the perfect resume in 2019. The résumé begins with your personal information. At the top, in a header, state your personal name and address as well as an e-mail address and telephone number at which the HR manager can contact you.

What must be on the resume?

Personal information in the résumé: When writing a résumé, you should start with your full name, date and place of birth, marital status (single or married), your address and contact information – usually your telephone number and email address.

How do you abbreviate married?

Abbreviation married Abbreviations for the meaning married-married-married-married-married

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