How Does This Passage Reflect Gender Roles In This Society

What is important to understand when reading this passage is how it reflects the gender roles in this society. The author clearly portrays male dominance by emphasizing female responsibility in the play. While women may be subject to the care of their male partners, they show much more self-awareness and independence. Often, strong female characters are out and about and control the action. For instance, Lord Capulet makes it clear that he wants to play a huswife in Romeo and Juliet, which emphasizes the role of a woman in the world of men.

In this passage, Jacobs highlights how the male class used women to control them. Before marriage, women were considered purely domestic and dependent on their husbands for protection. Though they were able to speak their minds, men controlled them. Nonetheless, their role in society was to submissively perform household duties. The author makes the audience sympathetic to these men but acknowledges his guilt in doing so. In this way, he manages to convince the audience that their roles were essential for society.

Throughout the story, women are portrayed as a powerless and vulnerable group. While the men were responsible for protecting and guiding women, the men were responsible for letting the women live in the domestic sphere. However, they were also in charge of their lives. While women were supposedly free from these issues, their mothers were not, which reaffirmed the power of men. Consequently, women were deprived of their freedom and autonomy.

In the story, women were largely ignored. In fact, women were not seen. Their role was to be passive, as a housewife. In this society, women were only used for domestic service and protection by men. This was considered a normal way of life for women. The author makes sure to make her audience sympathize with her by making her admit her guilt. It is important to recognize that the author aims to highlight the power and importance of women in this society.

In addition to showing how women’s power was restricted by society, this passage also reflects the roles of women in this society. In this society, the role of women is primarily determined by the position of a man. It was the man’s responsibility to protect the woman. A woman’s role was to protect the family. During this period, the man was the most powerful person in the society. The females were the main source of food and clothing.

While the female characters in the story were not seen by their husbands, they were still dependent on their fathers for protection. In this society, the women were subordinate to the males and were regarded as a lower priority. Furthermore, men had the power to make them perform tasks and make decisions. In this society, men controlled their wives. So, the males had more rights than the women.

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