How far indent quotes?

How far indent quotes?

Indenting a quotation If a direct quotation exceeds 40 words, it should be indented for better reading flow. Indent long quotes: Indent the quote at least 1 centimeter on the right and left. To do this, reduce the font size (usually to 10) and the line spacing (single line).

How to indent a quote?

Incidentally, the quotation marks are omitted for indented quotations. To indent your quote, you must first highlight it. Then select the menu item “Layout”. In the “Paragraph” area, under “Indent”, you can set the width of the indents to the left and right of your quote.

How many words can you quote?

of the author of the source are passed off as one’s own thoughts. Sometimes there are discussions in information on scientific work as to how many words a direct citation should be marked as such – e.g. B. from a length of three or five words.

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