How high can the plagiarism share be?

How high can the plagiarism share be?

What percentage is allowed? This question often arises after using a plagiarism checker and looking at the result. The answer to this question is: 0% plagiarism and.

When does something count as plagiarism?

According to the definition, plagiarism is a scientific work in which one or more passages of text have been copied verbatim or analogously without indicating this by means of a citation. This is known to most students as plagiarism, but the term encompasses more than one point.

How do you find plagiarism?

You can already find most plagiarism using search engines such as Google. For scientific texts, however, it is helpful to expand your search to Google Scholar and Google Books. Here the chance of further hits is many times higher.

Is a plagiarism check allowed?

Conclusion: Plagiarism check legal for students and universities. Taking into account critical aspects such as data protection, blocking notices and the granting of rights of use, a plagiarism check is legal and therefore unproblematic.

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