How important is English at work?

How important is English at work?

For more than 87 percent of employers, English skills are the most important. English trumps all other foreign languages. Knowledge of French comes in second place, although it is only required in five percent of the job advertisements.

How important is French at work?

French is the language of our most important business partner. Thus, French can be relevant in any industry. It is also the diplomatic language and is therefore required in Germany’s field service. French companies are leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and in the energy sector.

Which languages ​​are in demand in business?

English. English is the lingua franca of business and science. Chinese. Spanish. Arabic. German. Portuguese. Russian. French.

What is the language of the future?

Although it would be worthwhile to learn all the languages ​​mentioned, we follow the British Council’s recommendation for the “Language for the Future”: Spanish, Arabic, French, Mandarin, (German) and Portuguese!

Which language is most important?

List of languages ​​by number of native speakersRankLanguageNative speakers in millions of people1Mandarin-Chinese9352Spanish3903English3654Hindi29548

Which languages ​​are most useful?

Which language to learn to communicate in the world? ^RankingLanguageNative speakers (in millions)1.Chinese (Mandarin)8972.Spanish4273.English3394.Arabic2676 •

Which language is better Spanish or French?

Spanish, unlike French, has a much easier pronunciation. However, the vocabulary in Spanish is a bit more difficult because a lot of things sound so similar. But the grammar is equally difficult.

Which is harder to learn Spanish or French?

French is no harder to learn than Spanish. It’s easier with Spanish that you write a lot the way you speak it. You can’t exactly say that about French.

What is more difficult Russian or French?

Getting started with Russian is perhaps a bit more difficult than with French, also due to the script and the case system etc. But it (like Latin) creates a good systematic basis.

Which language is more difficult French or German?

German has a more sophisticated range of inflections in the noun, adjective and article systems, retaining four of the original eight Indo-European cases, while French lost them relatively early. French, on the other hand, inherited the more complex verbal system of Latin.

Which language is German most similar to?

Those languages ​​that are very closely related to German are the Germanic languages. In addition to German, the Germanic languages ​​include English, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, Yiddish and Afrikaans.

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