How is the school financed?

How is the school financed?

The federal government, federal states, municipalities and private providers are involved in financing the schools. Four fifths of the costs are borne by the public purse. Pupils who attend a vocational school in the dual system cost the public sector the least (2,700 euros per year).

How do you start a private school?

Therefore, anyone who wants to set up a private school must first contact the responsible education authority. There, written proof must be provided that the private school meets the requirements of the respective federal state in terms of its educational and other standards.

How to start a language school?

One way to found a language school is through franchising. Small start-up capital can be enough, but 30,000 euros and more can also be due. This sum, in turn, can be used to fund public start-up funding. You can issue certificates yourself if you are an independent sponsor.

Is school a business?

Even if your company is a school, you must register your business. After registering with the trade office, the tax office will automatically contact you with the documents for tax registration.

What is a commercial school?

From the late 18th to the early 20th century, a trade school referred to a type of technical school, i.e. a type of school in which the students learned job-related knowledge, in contrast to general schools.

Is tutoring a freelance activity?

In the trade law sense, however, it is only a freelance activity if the tutoring is provided personally and is of a higher nature, which in practice is equivalent to a university education.

What exactly is a vocational school?

The vocational school is part of the “dual training” and provides you with the theoretical knowledge of your apprenticeship. The vocational school takes place on one or two days a week or in block classes. The lessons consist of job-specific and general subjects such as math, German and English.

What are the tasks of the vocational school?

The vocational school has the task of imparting general, cross-occupational educational elements, teaching the necessary theoretical knowledge, and deepening practical knowledge and skills.

How is the vocational school organized?

The vocational school lessons are organized differently. Many vocational schools offer courses lasting several weeks. During these courses, the students usually live in boarding schools that are organizationally linked to the schools.

How long are you in vocational school?

The vocational school comprises as many school years as the duration of the apprenticeship corresponds to. Depending on the apprenticeship, the training takes two to four years, but usually three years.

Is homework allowed in the vocational school?

The trainee is not entitled to be released to do homework. The trainee always has homework. According to ยง 15 BBiG, the trainee is released for the vocational school.

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