How long do you have to wait for a place at university?

How long do you have to wait for a place at university?

In most federal states, 20 percent of the places on a course have to be allocated according to the waiting time / waiting semester. It is not the average grade that counts here, but the number of semesters waiting. An applicant with 6 waiting semesters is more likely to get a study place than an applicant with 2 waiting semesters.

How much does a waiting semester bring me?

Calculating the waiting semester: simple formula The waiting time until the longed-for start of studies is made up of the waiting semesters (one waiting semester = 6 months) that have elapsed in full since your Abitur. However, the semester in which you did your Abitur cannot be taken into account.

How do you calculate the waiting semester?

Calculate waiting semester The waiting time is counted according to six months (= semesters). This means that if you have bridged a year with the help of a year abroad, two waiting semesters will be credited to you. Note that the semester in which you graduated from high school is not included.

How are waiting semesters counted towards NC?

Every six months (semester) that passes after graduation is counted as a waiting semester. The half-year in which the Abitur was taken is not taken into account for the applicants. In addition, a maximum of 16 semesters after taking the Abitur can be counted as a waiting semester.

Is an FSJ counted as a waiting semester?

The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) or the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) can also be counted as a waiting semester.

Does an FSJ count towards my studies?

A volunteer does not have the right to remuneration like a normal employee. However, he has the right to “pocket money”. Those who want to study after the FSJ can count the time as a waiting semester. In addition, a twelve-month FSJ is also recognized as a replacement for community service.

How much does an FSJ improve the NC?

An FSJ only seldom improves the Abitur grade itself. In these special cases, bonus points are then awarded for the FSJ, which raise the grade point average by up to 0.2 points. As a rule, however, an FSJ brings advantages through the associated waiting semester.

What does not count as a waiting semester?

What does not count as a waiting semester? A so-called “park study” definitely does not count as a waiting semester, i.e. the semesters that you were enrolled at a German university while you were waiting (regardless of whether you attended courses or were on leave).

What can you do during the waiting semester?

As a rule, everything that is done after acquiring the Abitur is taken into account as a waiting semester. For example, you can complete an internship, start an apprenticeship or go on a longer stay abroad. Studying abroad is also usually counted as a waiting semester.

What is the waiting semester for medicine?

Those who want to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine after graduating from high school have to deal with a multi-tier admission procedure that may result in a considerable number of waiting semesters – currently an average of 14!

How about the waiting semesters?

The waiting time before studying is the time between your Abitur and the actual start of your studies. It consists of individual waiting semesters. Every semester in which you are not enrolled at a German university after acquiring your university entrance qualification counts as a waiting semester.

How does training affect the NC?

Training is counted as a waiting semester In particular, if your Abitur average is not so great or if you do not get a place to study immediately despite a good final grade due to the NC, you can “collect” several waiting semesters as part of an apprenticeship.

How does the NC and the waiting semester work?

The waiting time to get a place is determined – like the NC – every semester. With four waiting semesters, for example, you beat someone who has three or fewer waiting semesters, even if that person has the better grades.

What does waiting semester mean at NC?

The waiting semester or waiting time is the time that elapses between the acquisition of the university entrance qualification (usually the Abitur) and the start of studies.

How do waiting semesters affect the NC?

Waiting semesters do not improve the numerus clausus! The number of waiting semesters is an independent criterion for the allocation of study places by the “Foundation for University Admissions (formerly: ZVS)”. It is therefore a misconception that the Abi grade improves by 0.1 points per waiting semester!

Which NC do you need for veterinary medicine?

The German universities award an NC between 1.1 and 1.3 for the veterinary medicine course (with state examination).

How is the NC changing?

The NC for a subject is recalculated every semester. The exclusion grade is determined by the number of applicants. The NC drops if fewer high school graduates apply than in the previous semester.

How can you calculate the section?

Calculating the numerus clausus – what you need to know In order to calculate your NC, you first need an overview of the grades relevant to your editing. Now add up all the grades. You then divide this total by the number of grades that you have included in the total.

How much can the TMS improve?

Philipps-Universität Marburg Applicants with a TMS value of 70-79% are upgraded by 0.4 and applicants with a value between 60 and 69 improve their NC by 0.2 points. The average Abitur grade can be improved to a maximum of 1.0.

What happens if you don’t get to NC?

Alternative 2 – Waiting semester Study places are always allocated proportionally based on the number of waiting semesters. So if you are not accepted for the time being, you still have the opportunity to work, do internships or spend time abroad and thus get a waiting semester.

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