How long do you work on short-time work?

How long do you work on short-time work?

An employee has a contractually agreed working time of 40 hours per week. His monthly gross salary is 1733 euros. Case 1: The employee is reduced from 40 hours to 30 hours during short-time work. He only works 75 percent of his contractually agreed working hours.

How long does it take for short-time work benefits to be paid out?

So far, most notifications of short-time work benefits have been processed within 15 days. However, due to the currently increased workload, this processing time will be difficult to maintain.

How long will it take for my application to be answered?

As a rule, the applicant receives feedback within three to six weeks. But it can also go much faster or take longer. In some cases you wait in vain for an answer.

What does the employer pay for short-time work?

The employer calculates the short-time allowance and pays it to the employees. An application for reimbursement is then submitted to the local employment agency, which, after examining the application documents, immediately reimburses the employer for the short-time work allowance paid.

Who pays compensation for short-time work?

Your employer pays out the short-time allowance to you. The short-time allowance is therefore not paid out to the employees by the employment agency. (When paying the KUG to the employees, employers initially make an advance payment and then settle the short-time work allowance with the employment agency.

What does the employer save on short-time work?

Does the employer save on non-wage labor costs during short-time work? The employer saves net wage costs by introducing short-time work, because the short-time work allowance is paid by the employment agency instead of wages from the employer to the extent of the lost working hours.

Can the employer top up short-time work benefits?

But: Employers who want this can top up the short-time work allowance. There is no legal entitlement to a subsidy for short-time work benefits. Some collective bargaining agreements or company agreements stipulate that the employer must pay a subsidy in the event of short-time work.

Can I top up short-time work?

2 SGB III in conjunction with Section 1 Paragraph 1 No. 8 SvEV, employers have the option of voluntarily increasing the short-time allowance. Up to an increase of 80 percent of the flat-rate net salary (together with the short-time work allowance), the increase remains free of social security contributions.

Is annual leave reduced during short-time work?

For the duration of short-time work in the company, the following applies to vacation entitlement: vacation may be reduced in time according to the working hours. This also applies in the case of “zero” short-time work, i.e. if there is no obligation to work at all.

Is vacation paid in full during short-time work?

Anyone who takes vacation as an employee will continue to receive their wages without reduction, even with short-time work. According to the European Court of Justice, this level must not be undercut even by collective agreement, at least in the case of statutory minimum vacation.

How many vacation days with short-time work?

In the commentary literature it is argued that the holiday entitlement does not arise with short-time work 0. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in 2012 that the parties to the company in the case of short-time work 0 rightly reduced the paid annual leave in relation to the reduction in working hours in a social plan.

Will VWL be reduced in the case of short-time work?

3 = 100% salary continues at Kug – all wage types that continue to be paid in full during short-time work, but are reduced in the case of other unpaid absences. Example: If Kug continues to pay 100% of the VWL subsidy but reduces it in the event of unpaid absences, then it is included in full in the target salary.

How much money do I get for zero short-time work?

As a rule, only 60 percent of the net salary is paid. If at least one child lives in the household of the recipient of short-time work allowance, he will receive 67 percent of his missing net salary.

What happens to vacation days during short-time work?

Short-time work has no effect on the amount of vacation pay. If the employee is granted leave during short-time work, they are entitled to the full amount of vacation pay for the vacation days – and not to the amount of the short-time work allowance.

By when must remaining leave be taken for short-time work?

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Employment Agency will refrain from requesting vacation leave from the current vacation year to avoid short-time work, provided that employees have individual vacation requests/planning.

How is the top-up calculated for short-time work?

This means that employees receive 70% or 77% of short-time work from the fourth month and 80% or 87% from the seventh month. The KuG is calculated according to the lump-sum net loss of earnings (difference between target and actual wage) in the month for which you have registered short-time work.

Are supplements paid for short-time work?

Sunday, public holiday and night work surcharges (SFN surcharges) are taken into account when calculating the short-time work allowance under certain conditions. The employment agency reimburses the employer for the short-time allowance, but he calculates and pays it out.

How is the increase in short-time work taxed?

The social security contributions are reduced to 80 percent for the working hours that are lost due to short-time work. The Federal Employment Agency will reimburse employers for 100 percent of their social security contributions. The short-time allowance is tax-free (net). The top-up amount is taxable as normal.

Are allowances taken into account for short-time work?

Shift allowances do not count in the case of short-time work. He regularly works shifts, including weekends – and thus usually comes to 2500-2600 euros net. However, the employment agency does not count the shift allowances when calculating the short-time work allowance.

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