How Long Is A Greek Orthodox Baptism

How Long Is a Greek Orthodox Baptism?

One of the most important days in an Orthodox Christian’s life is his or her baptism. This ceremony usually takes place during the child’s first year, and is celebrated after a forty-day blessing. The child’s godparent speaks on his or her behalf and recites the Creed. A woman then takes the child and covers him or her in a white towel. A priest then comes and blesses the water, adding oil brought by the godparent.

The baby is then immersed in water three times, symbolizing three days in the tomb of Christ. The Godparents then light small candles, which the baby can keep. After the ceremony, the baby is presented to his or her godparent. The godparents then walk the child around the Font three times. At the end of the ceremony, the child receives Holy Communion for the first time. After this, the parents and godparents kiss the child’s hand. A priest also blesses the child’s clothes.

The Greek orthodox baptism is one of the most significant events in a person’s life, and it should be conducted carefully and in a timely manner. The Orthodox baptism is typically a vigorous process, with the person being baptised being repeatedly dunked into the baptismal font. If the child is not married, a non-Orthodox parent must agree to the baptism, and the parents must give consent in writing. Likewise, if the child is a minor, both parents must give written consent.

The date for the baptism ceremony must be confirmed with the parish priest. Godparents and parents should be actively participating in the life of the parish, and should be contributing members. The priest will not set a baptism date without this commitment. The baptism is a sign of commitment to the Orthodox faith and its practices. It also serves as the fount for regeneration and participation in the death and resurrection of Christ.

While this ceremony lasts for a few minutes, the godparents’ duties do not end there. On the first Easter and Name Day, godparents must offer a gift to the child. The Godparents also have a spiritual responsibility and are responsible for ensuring that the child grows up as an Orthodox Christian.

A child can be baptized between three and ten months of age. During the baptism, the godparent offers an icon of the Virgin Mary and a candle to thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. The baptismal font and candles are a symbolic representation of the deliverance of the child from original sin. The godparents may be family members or friends.

After the baptism, the godparents must be in good standing with the Orthodox Church and are willing to support the child in the faith. The godparents should be active in the parish and practice the Orthodox Faith regularly. They must also attend the church regularly and contribute financially. The priest must approve the choice of godparents.

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