How long should you wait for an interview?

How long should you wait for an interview?

However, the five-week period does not apply here. In larger companies, the decision-making process can take much longer. For this reason, feedback is often delayed. As a rule, you will be given a period of time after the interview in which you can expect feedback.

How long does the ARGE take with the initial equipment?

The processing of the application for the initial equipment can take a few days. So 4 weeks is also possible.

How long must an employment contract be kept?

There is no general retention obligation for employment contracts or personnel files (only accounting, accounting or social security-related content must be retained for 2, 4, 6 or 10 years, depending on what is involved). Employment contracts are not affected.

How long can a personnel file be kept?

Retention obligation for personnel files The personnel file should be kept for three years beyond the end of the employment relationship.

How long do you keep documents from employees who have left?

Retention requirements for personnel files The basic rule is that an employer must keep personnel files for as long as an employee who has left the company could assert claims under labor law. The regular limitation period of three years stipulated in § 195 BGB is decisive here.

How long must the employer keep social security reports?

The employer is obliged to store the pay documents, the contribution statements and contribution statements as well as the certificates for the employee in an orderly manner until the end of the calendar year following the last tax audit.

How long must personnel files be kept in the public sector?

(1) Personnel files are to be retained by the authority keeping the personnel files for five years after they have been completed.

How long to cancel old home savings contracts?

Over the entire term plus ten years: e.g. B. all insurance documents, receipts for financial and pension products (funds, daily allowances, shares, life insurance, private pension insurance, home savings contracts).

How long to cancel the contract of sale of a car?

As a private person, you don’t have to do anything. Would keep sales records for a year. Anything older can go in the shredder and then in the bin or in the waste paper.

How long do you have to keep bank records?

You should keep bank documents such as bank statements for at least three years. In case of doubt, you can prove that you have paid bills or the rent. You should definitely keep contracts and documents from insurance companies until the end of the contract.

How long do I have to keep documents as a private individual?

Keep for ten years: Private individuals usually do not have to archive invoices and other documents for long. Receipts and invoices only have to be submitted on request from 2017, explains the wage tax assistance association. However, these must be kept for two years.

How long do you have to keep private payslips?

In general, documents that serve as the basis for accounting must be kept for ten years. The retention period begins at the end of the respective calendar year; the creation date noted on the payslip applies.

Which documents do I have to keep after the start of my pension?

Keep documents: Lifelong documents These include the family book, the birth certificate and the baptismal certificate. The identity card, passport and driving license are also included. X-rays and medical reports must also be kept safely.

Can a pension notice be revoked?

Annul or revoke a pension notice: The annulment of a pension notice. A pension notice is basically an administrative act with permanent effect. This can be canceled if, according to § 48 SGB X, the circumstances that applied at the time the pension notice was issued have changed significantly.

What must be kept for 30 years?

30 years. Judgments, court orders, credit documents. 6 years. Tax assessments and tax documents submitted by taxpayers whose total positive income is more than EUR 500,000 per calendar year.4 years. Bank statements or wire transfers (bank records)3 years. 2 years.

Which files can be destroyed in 2020?

The following documents may be destroyed in 2020: records from 2009 and earlier, inventories up to 31st, books in which the last entry was made in 2009 or earlier, annual accounts, management reports and opening balance sheets drawn up in 2009 or earlier, accounting vouchers from 2009 or earlier,

What happens after the retention period has expired?

The documents must still be kept after the end of the retention period if an external audit has started, if pending criminal tax or fine investigations are ongoing or if a provisional tax assessment applies.

Why 10 year retention period?

However, the 10-year retention period only applies if all tax assessments are final. A provisional tax assessment according to § 165 AO only becomes final when it is declared final. This can also be after the period of 10 years has expired.

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