How many days off per month am I entitled to?

How many days off per month am I entitled to?

3 ArbZG. With 4 days off a month, an average of a 6-day week is achieved and thus an average daily working time of 7.7 hours (200/26), which is also not against the law. So from a purely legal point of view, there is nothing wrong with that.

How many working hours are allowed per day according to the Working Hours Act?

The Working Hours Act therefore assumes a maximum working time of 2,304 hours per year. Ten-hour day – In special exceptional cases, the employer may extend the working day to a maximum of ten hours. This ten-hour limit must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

How do you calculate the average working time?

The simple formula is: Weekly hours: working days = average number of working hours per day, weekly working hours * weekly factor (4.35) = working hours per month, number of hours = normal number of hours * percentage: 2016

How much free after 12 days of work?

Working 12 days at a time is not uncommon in Germany either. There are several industries in which workers work 12 days in a row. In geriatric care and in hospitals, for example, there are usually four consecutive days off after 12 days of work in these areas.

Is it legal to work 6 days a week?

According to the Working Hours Act, the employer is thus permitted to temporarily employ an employee for up to ten hours on a working day, which in turn results in an absolutely maximum weekly working time of 60 hours (six days with ten hours each).

When am I entitled to a day off during the week?

So if your employment contract stipulates that you are entitled to one day off per week (besides Sunday) and there are no other employment or collective bargaining provisions in this regard, you are only not entitled to a day off if you have five days of vacation in a week to take.

How much vacation for a 6 day week?

According to §3 BUrlG, the statutory vacation entitlement comprises at least 24 working days. The days from Monday up to and including Saturday are considered to be legal working days. Sundays and public holidays are excluded here. The minimum vacation of 24 working days relates to a 6-day week.

What does a 6 day week mean?

Since the minimum vacation of 24 working days is tailored to an employee who also works on Saturdays, it applies to employees with a so-called 6-day week, as they work on all working days. The normal case, however, is that the employee only works on working days (i.e. excluding Saturdays).

How often can you work 6 days a week?

How many hours can an employee work per week? If employees are generally allowed to work a maximum of eight hours per day, the maximum working time for six working days from Monday to Saturday is 48 hours per week.

When was the 6 day week abolished?

After working 48 hours a day, six days a week in 1946, working hours were reduced to 45 hours in 1957.

How are vacation days calculated in retail?

Depending on how often the part-time employee works per week, their proportional vacation entitlement is calculated. The vacation days of the full-time employees are divided by the working days of the company and multiplied by the working days of the part-time employees per week.

Is a day off paid?

Your working hours are paid for, and if you do not have vacation between these days, they are not paid. What is important are the hours you come to in the month, whether they are spread over 5 or 3 days. If you probably also work on the weekend, then you have compensatory days in the next week.

How much vacation am I entitled to?

Each employee is entitled to 4 calendar weeks of vacation per calendar year, i.e. 28 calendar days. In the case of differently agreed work rhythms, the respective vacation entitlement must be converted proportionally. For the 5-day week commonly used today, the statutory minimum vacation is 20 days.

How much is the vacation pay in retail?

Compared to the previous year, the collectively agreed vacation pay increased in eight of the industries examined, between 2.1 percent (Bavarian clothing industry), 2.4 percent (insurance industry), 2.5 percent (retail), 2.6 percent (paper processing) Industry, building cleaning trade), 3.0% (motor vehicle trade.

How much vacation pay do you usually get?

61 percent of employees with a collective bargaining agreement receive vacation pay, whereas employees without a collective agreement only receive 32 percent. Men are more likely to receive vacation pay (49%) than women (35%). The proportion is higher in the west (47%) than in the east (27%).

How can you calculate the vacation pay?

If an employee with a weekly wage of EUR 1,000 and a six-day week takes all of his 24 days of statutory vacation, the vacation allowance paid by the employer is calculated using the following formula: (13 × EUR 1,000 weekly wage): (13 × 6 working days) × 24 vacation days = EUR 4,000 Vacation pay.

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