How Many Lightning Spells To Destroy Level 8 Air Defense

If you are looking for the best way to destroy a level 8 air defense, you should learn how many lightning spells you need to place in each building. Lightning spells can cause damage to multiple buildings at once, so you can use lightning strikes to destroy grouped defenses. Lightning spells can also take down mortars and wizard towers. You can also destroy a level 8 air defense by using two lightning spells in the middle of the building, one each on each side.

Lightning spells are a good option for air defenses. If you are not sure where to place them, you can use an Earthquake Spell and 2 Lightning Spells. Then, spawn your troops close to the remaining Air Defenses. It will be easier to destroy the remaining Air Defenses if you use a lightning spell. But be careful, as your spells can have a negative impact if you use more than one type of attack.

While it is difficult to calculate how many Lightning Spells you need to destroy a level 8 air defense, it is possible to use three Lightning Spells to kill it. If you’re using a Lightning Spell for Clan Castle attack, you must use the highest level spells. This is especially important if you are targeting a large group of troops.

To take out an air defense of level 7, you can use two Lightning Spells or an Earthquake spell, along with 4 level 5 spells. You can also use Earthquake spells to hit multiple Air Defenses with a single attack if you don’t possess the maximum Lightning spell. But this is not always possible. In most cases, you will need three Lightning Spells plus one Earthquake spell.

If you have a magic factory, you can use Lightning Spells to attack air defenses of any level. It is important to remember that this spell can only be used in labs if you have a magic facility. There are several videos that show how to use lightning spells within Clash of Clans.

Earthquake Spells are an excellent choice to attack an Air Defense, since they do 4 times damage to walls and decrease damage when a building has fewer than 25% Hitpoints. You can destroy an Air Defense with just one attack by using Lightning Spells and Earthquake Spells together. Another option is to use Lightning spells that target specific defenses like a Giga Tesla. This way, you will get more damage than your opponent, and you’ll have a chance to attack more buildings.

If you are wondering how many Lightning Spells you need to get to level 8, you can use the following formula: If you have an air defense with level eight, you can cast three levels of Lightning Spells on each level and destroy it within 3.5 tiles. Alternatively, you can use a single level of Lightning Spell to destroy a specific building, a Wizard Tower, an Archer Queen, or an X-Bow.

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