How many pages does Google track?

How many pages does Google track?

According to a survey by comScore Media Metrix in December last year, 35 percent of all search queries on the Internet ran via Google, compared with 27 percent for Yahoo and 15 percent for MSN. AOL and other Time Warner websites achieved 16 percent, but most of them also used Google.

Why aren’t all pages indexed on Google?

Make sure that all URLs start with the same domain name as the location of your sitemap, i.e. uniformly with www., Http or https. Google cannot fully process your sitemap. This happens, for example, if some URLs contain too many redirects that the Googlebot cannot retrieve.

When will my page appear on Google?

This is how Google indexes your website With Google, the index consists of all websites (and their subpages) known to the search engine. Your website can only be displayed in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) if it has been included in the Google index.

Is my website indexed on Google?

Is my website in the Google index? You can check whether your website is currently in the Google index by doing a Google search on your website using the “site:” operator and specifying your home page URL as the website URL.

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