How many research questions for a bachelor thesis?

How many research questions for a bachelor thesis?

For term papers, you should always formulate a research question. One question can usually be sufficient here, but 2 research questions are also ok. For larger projects such as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or other empirical work, more research questions can come together.

What is the year of a magazine?

The year stands for all issues of the magazine that were published within one year.

What is bibliography?

Creating a bibliography on a topic means bibliographing. On the one hand, it serves to be able to identify the work of an author unequivocally and is an aid for the reader. On the other hand, it clearly indicates the direct or indirect acquisition of intellectual property.

How do you quote a PhD?

Academic degrees such as doctorate (Dr.) can be omitted from the reference. Note If you quote a quote or a paraphrase that the author himself quotes from a source, it is a secondary quote. Only use this if you cannot access the original source yourself.

How do you quote from a thesis?

Diploma theses, just like bachelor and master theses, are not full-fledged academic papers. In addition, in most cases they are not published. So they should not be quoted out of hand. Do not cite the work as a source of information.

Are doctoral titles mentioned in the bibliography?

Doctorate / academic degrees are not mentioned. Only the literature to which you refer in your work (e.g. in footnotes) is included in the bibliography. On the one hand, you show the reader what literature they have used and how large the amount of literature you have used is.

Where do the sources go?

The source is given in the text immediately after the quote, either in brackets or in footnotes in Word. This makes it possible for the reader to see where the thought or information originally came from.

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