How many words bachelor thesis 60 pages?

How many words bachelor thesis 60 pages?

If you have two months at your disposal, you can submit 40 to 60 pages, and with three months processing time, the scope of your bachelor thesis should be around 50 to 80 pages. According to, a bachelor’s thesis in Germany is on average 35 pages long, that is 10,500 words or 87,500 characters.

When do closed questions make sense?

If the questioner wants his interlocutor to only answer yes or no, he will ask a closed question. The use of closed questions helps you to structure a conversation and to receive clear statements from your counterpart.

Why closed questions?

A big advantage of closed questions is that they can quickly evaluate the data from the survey. A disadvantage of closed questions can be that the respondent feels pressured. Also, a closed question can push the respondent’s answer in a certain direction.

What is an open question example?

Lead through questions You only address the buying motives that are decisive for the customer. It is important to have the right question form, suitable for the desired goal: Depending on what you want to achieve, you can answer so-called open questions (W questions: how, what, when, etc.)

What are open questions?

Open questions are an interview technique in which the question is selected in such a way that the interviewee not only has the option of answering “yes” or “no”, but also leaves room for maneuver to answer the questions.

How do I ask the right questions?

Asking the right questions: 5 rules for asking questions that really get you ahead Formulate questions as precisely and briefly as possible. Either and or avoid. Try to avoid either-or questions. Follow up. Don’t give answers. Keep one’s mouth shut.

How are you wondering differently?

If you really want to find out about the well-being of your counterpart, you can use the following questions as an alternative to “How are you? …”: How have you been? Are you okay? How are you feeling at the moment?

What do you write down how are you?

Give a short, standard answer. Answer with “Fine, thank you” or “I’m fine, thank you. “You can use these answers when talking to someone you don’t know very well, such as a casual acquaintance at a party or someone you just met while out and about.

How do you ask questions in such a way that others open up to you?

“How to ask questions in such a way that others open up to you” – from the series of articles “How do we actually talk to each other” – on “Few of them worry about how they ask questions. Anyone who changes their method no longer only receives information, but creates mutual trust. “

How do you say how are you?

· are you crazy? (coll.) · what is it about? (Main form) · what is it (then)? · (And) what else is going on with you? (coll.)

Write what instead of Hey?

Right: nothing. So: a simple “Hey you!” Or “Hello!” Is not enough. Because the likelihood that he / she will also answer “Hello” is rather low. Most of them are rather annoyed by such empty news.

How are you synonymous

how are you – synonyms at OpenThesaurus. Associations: are you all right? (mostly ironic) (coll.) · everything okay (so far)? (coll.)

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