How much does a Occupational Therapist make?

How much does a Occupational Therapist make?

Now you finally get your first salary. The average starting salary of an occupational therapist is between 1,986 and 2,703 gross per month. You can earn more than 3,000 with increasing professional experience and further education through training and courses.

What can you do in occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy supports and accompanies people of all ages who are restricted in their ability to act or who are threatened with restriction. The aim is to strengthen them in carrying out meaningful activities in the areas of self-sufficiency, productivity and leisure time in their personal environment.

Is occupational therapy paid for by health insurance?

Assumption of costs: Barmer assumes the full amount of the costs for occupational therapy, only the possible statutory co-payment remains.

What does an occupational therapist do for depression?

The treatment of depression with occupational therapy is a very action-oriented form of therapy that can be combined very well with psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment. In an initial consultation, we determine the treatment goals together with you as the patient.

How much does a Public Service Occupational Therapist earn?

The average occupational therapist gross salary is EUR 2,200. In the lower quarter, the average is just under 1,800 euros, in the upper quarter at just over 3,000 euros.

How much does a Occupational Therapist make net?

An occupational therapist earns a gross starting salary of EUR 2,330.00 per month. The average monthly salary for an occupational therapist in Austria is EUR 2,570.00 gross and EUR 1,785.91 net.

Who can call themselves an occupational therapist?

(1) Anyone wishing to work under the professional title of “occupational therapist” requires permission.

What else can you study as a physiotherapist?

To become a physiotherapist, you have to complete a school-based training course that lasts three years. You can apply to either state or private vocational schools. Theoretical and practical classes are held, covering topics such as physiology and anatomy.

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