How Much Is A Fertility Test In Uganda

How Much Is a Fertility Test in Uganda?

The first thing you should ask if you want to get pregnant in Uganda is how much a fertility test costs. In Uganda, a fertility test costs Shs1.2 million or $11,661 USD. The government has recently announced that it will waive tax on assisted reproduction medicines, allowing more women to access these services. Private clinics can charge much higher. Fortunately, new clinics are popping up in the country every day.

Male infertility is common in Uganda. Women may not realize they are infertile if they have a partner with no male children. Men sometimes fail to conceive due to a variety reasons, including frequent sauna use, genetic disorders or HIV/AIDS. Many men are blamed for their inability to get pregnant because they do not seek out fertility care. A new 320-bed women’s hospital will soon offer reproductive services.

Infertility is the most common cause of death in couples. There are ways to avoid this happening. Natural conception is the best way to reduce miscarriage rates. In Uganda, the rate of natural conception is very high, but 30% of couples struggle with infertility. It is important to find fertility care from a reputable and skilled doctor. You should ensure that the clinic offers specialized fertility services and is able to perform additional procedures as necessary.

For a test tube baby, a fertility clinic will charge you Ksh400,000 ($3,887 USD). The chances of pregnancy in one cycle are very low and the average couple needs three cycles to get pregnant. This can make it very expensive for a couple. Merck More Than a Mother campaign has taken steps to lower the cost of IVF. Training is expected to cost 20,000 euros for a three-month course.

A pelvic exam and blood test are required to detect ovulation. The blood test will detect follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), a hormone found in the body until menopause. Low levels of this hormone could indicate that a woman is not able to conceive. Infertility symptoms can include irregular periods and changes to sexual function.

A male fertility test will determine if a man has enough healthy and functional sperm. It will look at sperm count, shape, and motility. A man with a low sperm number can have further testing done by a fertility specialist. If he doesn’t have an abnormal sperm count, he can have further tests done by his doctor.

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